On the fascination of children.

On the reactions of Issue 1 and the editors.

On the Humana communitas in the age of pandemic, Will Carroll, and the Super Bowl.


Brass Rubbings

by Michael Hamill
On church closings in a pandemic.
The Jungle

by Colin Redemer
On the difference between "house" and "home".
Historia Ecclesiastica

by Minoo Dinshaw
On Saint Louis IX.

by Harrison Lemke
On the significance of video games.


by Edmund Waldstein
On the Church as a universal empire.

by Michael Hanby
On the origins of cancel culture.

by Sam Kriss
On modern prophets.

by "John Paul Maynard Keynes"
On a new perspective of macroeconomics.

by Nic Rowan
On extreme perspectives.

Arts and Letters

by Robert Wyllie
One-line description.

by David Bentley Hart
One-line description.

by John Wilson
One-line description.


by Eve Tushnet
On following Christ's humility.


by Joey Belleza
A poem.

Nunc Dimittis

by Carino Hodder
On a nun's multitasking abilities.