On imposters.

This issue's letters to the editor.

Thoughts, musings, odds and ends.


Brass Rubbings

by Matthew Roth
On Amélie.
The Jungle

by C.J. Ciaramella
On traffic violations.
Historia Ecclesiastica

by Patrick Smith
On Paul IV.

by Jake Neu
On fathers and sons.


by Carino Hodder
On the freedom of obedience.

by Maclin Horton
On the Sixties.

by Tomás Díaz
On disability and strength.

by Addison del Mastro
On the rapid degeneration of blueprints for cassettes, pyramids, and wrapped shrimp in bacon.

by Eve Tushnet
On skating.

by Sam Kriss
On Jerusalem.

Arts and Letters

by Peter Hitchens
The Diaries (Volume 1): 1918-38, by Henry “Chips” Channon, edited by Simon Heffer

by Lydia Sherwood
Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct, by Abigail Tucker

by Nic Rowan
Birds of North America, by the Audubon Society


by Aaron James
On the composer.


by Jane Scharl

Nunc Dimittis

by B.D. McClay
On T.V. detective shows.