On Christmas.

This issue's letters to the editor.

Thoughts, musings, odds and ends.


Brass Rubbings

by Kenneth J. Wolfe
On Saint Mary Mother of God church.
The Jungle

by Marlo Slayback
On cakes capturing a moment.
Historia Ecclesiastica

by Minoo Dinshaw
On Henry Benedict Stuart, Cardinal Duke of York

by Gerald J. Russello
On a new generation of soldiers.


by Sam Kriss
On forgotten Afghanistan.

by Alek Schrenk
On a Catholic, true ghost story.

by Mary Kate Skehan
On the complexity of a simple mayor.

by Frederick Sandefur
On his brother and the infant Jesus.

by Michael Hanby
On choosing one's grave.

Arts and Letters

by Jaspreet Singh Boparai
The Cypresses Believe in God, Vol. 1 & 2

by Peter Tonguette
Solid Ivory: Memoirs, by James Ivory

by David Bentley Hart
Monkey King: Journey to the West

by Roger Lewis
Anthony Burgess: Collected Poems


by Joseph Epstein
On letters from two old friends.

Christmas Ghost Story

by Ree Brannigan
The winner of the Christmas ghost story competition.

Nunc Dimittis

by Nic Rowan
On the scandal of selling review copies.