Some musings on paperwork.

This issue's letters to the editor.

Thoughts, musings, odds and ends.


Brass Rubbings

by Christopher McCaffery
On a crypt.
The Jungle

by Colman Rowan
On the last Kmart.
Historia Ecclesiastica

by James Bradley
On Anglicanism.

by Albert M. Fernandez
On childhood reading.


by Samuel Sweeney
On Syria.

by Meredith McDonough
On marriage.

by John Milbank
On Brexit.

by Jon Tveit
On walks.

by Gladden Pappin
On Machiavelli.

Arts and Letters

by Matthew Walther
The Dynasty by Jeff Benedict; It's Better to Be Feared by Seth Wickersham

by Dan Hitchens
Samuel Johnson Among the Modernists, ed. Anthony W. Lee

by Peter Tonguette
Face the Music: a Memoir, by Peter Duchin with Patricia Beard

by Philip Jeffery
Icons of Nature and History, by David Driskell


by Aaron James
On the Anglo-American belletrist.


by Anibal Sabater

Nunc Dimittis

by David J. Unger
On windows.