On clothes.

Odds and ends from the staff of The Lamp.


Brass Rubbings

by Madeline Johnson
On Montréal.
The Jungle

by Daniel Ortiz
On Hamlet.
Historia Ecclesiastica

by Jack Butler
On Cincinnati.

by Jeremy M. Christiansen
On Mormonism.


by Robert Wyllie
On King David.

by Matthew Walther
On class in America.

by Thomas Pink
On papal authority.

by Kelly Lindquist
On losing a husband.

by Clare Coffey
On a family tradition.

Arts and Letters

by Minoo Dinshaw
On the Rings of Power.

by Nic Rowan
On Cormac McCarthy.

by Micah Mattix
On Robert Lowell.

by Jude Russo
On hippies.


by A.M. Juster
A translation of Petrach.


by Helen Andrews
On a funhouse.

Nunc Dimittis

by Caleb Whitmer
On bed bugs.